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We save kids' lives.

$25 provides transportation to and from treatments for patients and their families

$100 provides patients with a child life specialist to help guide a child and their family through their time in treatment

$250 provides art supplies, activities, books, and toys for patients to use while waiting for tests, procedures or treatments

$500 provides funds for patients to get medications and other uncovered supportive care in emergency situations

$1,000 provides advanced patient support from specially trained practitioners, allowing more patients each year to receive better, more complete care

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Christian's Story

Christian was near death when we first met him - even though he was only 7 months old. Though he seemed perfectly healthy at birth, he came to us at Weill Cornell's Pediatric Intensive Care with seizures and was found to be bleeding in his brain. His parents were terrified and heartbroken.

Thanks to support from donors like you, the doctors were able to diagnose Christian and figure out a plan of care for Factor V Deficiency, a very rare bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia. While Christian's disorder is treatable, his medicine and transfusions are expensive - thousands of dollars every month.

CCBF needs your help to provide care for children like Christian and fund research for the patients of the future.